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Actor Beyti Engin has personally experienced and mastered all theoretical and practical techniques that an actor can employ in the process of preparing for a role, and he has extended his expertise to fellow professionals as an acting instructor. His in-depth studies on ways to enhance performance led Beyti Engin to collaborate with Psychologist Filiz Kaya Ataklı. Together, they fused the realms of psychology and acting techniques to develop a performance-focused technique known as "Character Design." Beyti Engin continues to offer private lessons on the Character Design technique, which has garnered the attention of actors not only in Europe but also worldwide.

He conducts professional acting training sessions in various cities, including Istanbul and Berlin, as well as at state conservatories and acting schools.

Take a Step Forward in Your Career with Audition Coaching! This intensive 2-hour training will elevate your acting skills through character analysis, script work, mental exercises, and culminate in an audition or demo reel shoot.

Enhance your acting abilities by creating unique characters. Practice in-depth script analysis and connecting with characters. Learn techniques to overcome performance anxiety and boost self-confidence. Apply what you've learned in auditions or demo reel shoots. Furthermore, you'll have the opportunity to explore the character's world with 'Journey,' one of the tools used in Character Design method. Are you ready? Enroll now for a fresh start in your acting career and prepare to showcase your best performance!

Imagine this: with profound mental training, you elevate your ability to embody a character to the highest level. We are thrilled to offer you this extraordinary experience!

Brief Overview of the Training:

  • Who Can Join? Any actor looking to take their professionalism a step further!

  • What Will You Learn? You'll discover how to craft a personal monologue and use Character Design techniques to express your unique interpretation on stage.

  • Number of Participants: Limited. We work with only 4 dedicated actors, but we share the experience with an audience of 20.

What We Promise:

  • You'll delve deep into your character.

  • You'll prepare yourself exceptionally well for significant auditions and new projects.

  • You'll have the opportunity to learn by observing other actors' processes in a professional setting.

Our instructor, Beyti Engin, is also one of the founders of the Character Design method. Under his guidance, you'll work together to prepare for a new character. This training offers actors an extraordinary perspective and assists them in delving into the depths of a character's psyche through mental exercises. It takes actors on an emotional and mental journey into their character's past, helping them create their roles in a more authentic and unique manner.

If you're an actor in the preparation process for bringing a new character to life and you aspire to elevate your acting skills to new heights, this training presents an exceptional opportunity. Are you ready to scrutinize your character in-depth for unforgettable performances? Beyti Engin Studio is ready to open the doors to this exciting journey for you. We invite you to explore the extraordinary world of your character with us.

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