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Audition Coaching

Deeper, More Authentic, More Unique and Faster: Create

  • 1 sa 30 dk.
  • 150 euros
  • Berlin

Hizmet Açıklaması

Audition Coaching Take a Step Forward in Your Career with Audition Coaching! This intensive 2-hour training will elevate your acting skills through character analysis, script work, mental exercises, and culminate in an audition or demo reel shoot. Enhance your acting abilities by creating unique characters. Practice in-depth script analysis and connecting with characters. Learn techniques to overcome performance anxiety and boost self-confidence. Apply what you've learned in auditions or demo reel shoots. Furthermore, you'll have the opportunity to explore the character's world with 'Journey,' one of the tools used in Character Design method. Are you ready? Enroll now for a fresh start in your acting career and prepare to showcase your best performance!

İptal Koşulları

İptal etmek ve yeniden randevu oluşturmak için lütfen 24 saat öncesinden bizimle iletişime geçin.

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