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Character Coaching

Online Eğitim

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  • 1 saa 30 dakika
  • 150 euros
  • Beyti Engin Studio

Hizmet Açıklaması

The training consists of a total of 4 sessions: Session 1: Character Exploration Foundations of the Character Design method Guiding actors to deeply analyze and connect with their characters Understanding the character's past, emotional state, and motivations Session 2: Character Transformation Working on the character's evolution and development Exploring the character's internal conflicts and turning points Introducing different approaches to enriching the characters Session 3: External Preparation Finding the character's physicality, tempo, and movement center Expressing the character's voice and emotional depth through monologues Evaluating monologue performances and providing feedback Session 4: Practical Application and Assessment Assessing the progress made by actors with their chosen characters Practical application of the Character Design method Building confidence in participants to convincingly portray their unique characters on stage This training will assist actors in delving deep into their characters, enriching their performances, and enhancing their stage skills. Through this training, actors will gain the necessary tools and insights to convincingly bring their characters to life on stage.

İptal Koşulları

İptal etmek ve yeniden randevu oluşturmak için lütfen 24 saat öncesinden bizimle iletişime geçin.

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