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Character Design

A new skill set for actors: “Character Design”

The Character Design Workshop series is the meeting point of psychology and acting. The trainers Filiz Kaya Ataklı and Beyti Engin draw on their years of experience and training in both fields, to give you a breakthrough tool for acting and create astonishing performances.

Character Design Workshop Series is created for Professional Actors to help you design characters that are not only interesting, but real. You will learn how to create a character from scratch authentically, overcome obstacles to performing well, and gain deeper insight into your own physicality and psyche. The end result is greater understanding of human beings and how they work, making you a better actor!

Our 3-level series covers the basics and advanced methods of Character Design. You'll learn how to dive deeper into the character to make it even more unique by focusing on feelings, dramaturgy, text analysis, micro-expressions, posture, movement, needs and actions of human beings and how to use your unique mental palace to master the art of acting.

  • Character Design Workshop: A four-day introduction workshop to Character Design.

  • Mastering the Mental Room: A four-day advanced workshop to Character Design.

  • Actor’s Palace: A four-day advanced workshop enhancing the character repertoire of the actor.

Character Design Workshop

March 9th – 12th, Berlin

Conducted by two acclaimed international trainers with years of professional experience, the first 4 days workshop provides a vital introduction to Character Design. Join us in Berlin to learn how to create characters that will help you to an extraordinary performance.

This workshop:

  • will help you understand yourself and your characters better by learning more about human nature and performance,

  • will give you the tools to create new and original characters,

  • will enable you to analyze the character dramaturgy thoroughly

  • will take you on a journey into the life of your character for a peak performance.


  • Peak Performance in Acting

  • Immutable Truths

  • Timeline

  • Relaxation


  • Actor’s Body

  • Neuroscience on Body-Mind

  • Posture of the Character

  • Creating Memories


  • Character Design: Experiencing the method for each actor, with a chosen character.

  • Shortcuts for the best Journey.

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